Official rule list of Paradox

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Official rule list of Paradox

Post by Robban on Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:38 pm

1. Scamming is not tolerated. If a player is caught scamming a 48 hour ban will be given. (Or permanent in some cases!)

2. Respect staff members and respect their decisions.

3. Respect Members, do not flame members for actions they have done.

4. Do not sell Paradox items for IRL money/items or Runescape gold/items/accounts. RSGP and IRL cash can be used to donate! Please ask for more details!

5. Do not scam members for ingame items or for IRL money for items in Paradox.

6. Do not advertise any website or server or anything on Paradox without owners permission

7. Do not use any bug or glitches to your advantage. If you know of a bug or glitch and do not report it, it is also against the rules.

8. Do not use any account that you do not have permission to be on. (You are not allowed to share accounts)

9. Do not threaten any player due to Paradox actions. Threats can be taken seriously.

10. Do not spam the yell or spam ingame. (Exceptions are: selling, buying, asking for help)

11. Impersonation of Staff / Players is not tolerated. Anyone caught doing this will be banned immediately.

12. Do not make a false report on a player, if found out your report is fake you will be severely punished and possibly banned.

13. Do not farm pkp. It will result in perm ban

14. Begging developers for items will result with instant mute.

15. Begging for staff will result with instant mute/jail.

16. Any pornographic content on our forums will be deleted immediately.

17. MOST OF ALL! Have fun Smile

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